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Family Packs - Family Meals

10 Taco Combo Family Pack


(10) Tacos with cabbage, pickled onions, cotija cheese, avocado crema and your choice of Protein. Or you can choose Brussel sprout tacos and enjoy our world famous Vegan Taco. All Family Packs come with 32 oz of Rice and Beans and your choice of Chips and Salsa or Elotes for Four. Also includes your choice of Beverages: 4 Pack of Mother Road Beer, 1 bottle of Red or White Wine, 2-16 oz Margaritas or 4 bottles of Jarittos Mexican Sodas.

Taco Combo Protein (Select 1 to 2):Adobo Chicken Al Pastor Pork Carne Asada +3Brussel Sprout (Vegan)
Family Meals Sides (Select 1):Chips & Salsa - Mild Chips & Salsa - Medium Chips & Salsa - Hot Elote for Four
Family Pack Beverages (Select 1):Mother Road Tower Station 4 Pack Mother Road Kolsh 4 Pack Mother Road Daily Driver 4 Pack Mondavi Cabernet 1 Bottle Malbec 1 Bottle Mondavi Chardonnay 1 Bottle (2) Margaritas 16 oz Jarritos - Tamarind 4 Bottles Jarritos - Pineapple 4 Bottles Jarritos - Strawberry 4 Bottles Jarritos - Guava 4 Bottles
Family Meals Extras:Southwest Rice 32 oz (6-8 Portions) +5Southwest Beans 32 oz (6-8 Portions) +5Southwest Rice 16 oz (3-4 Portions) +3.50Southwest Beans 16 oz (3-4 Portions) +3.50Additional Salsa (8 oz) +4Elote Double Order (4 Ears) +7Flour Tortillas (1 Dozen) +4Corn Tortillas (1 Dozen) +4Nacho Tray +10Cheese Quesadilla Tray +7